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Welcome to Compounding Pharmacy Solutions, your neighborhood pharmacy serving Texas with over 50 years of combined pharmaceutical experience. As a compounding facility, we work with your physician to develop custom-tailored solutions that fit your needs.   
At Compounding Pharmacy Solutions we are available to serve all your pharmaceutical needs.

Compounding pharmacists focus on providing innovative patient care. This may involve compounding a formulation that is free of preservatives and dyes, providing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or preparing a unique delivery system of prescribed medication.  A compounding pharmacist’s ultimate goal in preparing customized medications is to help the physician or PA, and patient achieve a more positive therapeutic outcome.
6105 Beverly Hill St.
Suite 201
Houston, TX   77057

Local:  (713) 783-2836
Fax:    (713) 782-2644 

Monday - Friday 
9:00 am - 5:00 pm 
 9:00 - 5:00  Mon-Fri
We are located in Houston, in the Galleria area, one of Texas' most dynamic and rapidly growing cities. We offer both conventional and alternative medicines while dedicated to providing you the service, quality and competitive prices you deserve.

At Compounding Pharmacy Solutions, we believe a pharmacy is a place that members of the community can utilize as a resource for products, information and health care services supporting better health and quality of life.
Compounding Pharmacy Solutions               
We believe it is the service we provide that separates us from our competition. It has earned us the respect of our patients and our referral sources.
We Improve Therapeutic Outcomes...
...by solving the problem

  • Avoidance of dyes, preservatives, fillers, additives
  • Administrable dosage form
  • Avoidance of side effects
  • Dose, dosage form, or medication not commercially available
  • Combination or sustained-release therapy to improve compliance
  • Cost-effective therapy
  • Unique dosage form designed for specific problems
6105 Beverly Hill Street   Suite 201   Houston, TX  77057
(713) 783-2836
Fax:  (713) 782-2644 
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